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As many of you know, I have had the privilege of being the on camera, expert dentist for “The Tri-Cities Elite Ladies Show” since 2003.  This is my 15th anniversary year of doing the show.  I thought it would be fun to share some of the insider behind the scenes secrets about filming. 

Secret #1: The topic for our upcoming show is all about 5 Star Service.  (Ways that we do our best to create a wonderful experience for all of our patients during their dental visits. Whether it’s playing soothing music, warm neck wraps, or chair massagers, we want our patients to feel welcomed and relaxed.)

Secret #2: (This may not be so shocking…) I have always done my own hair and makeup for the show.  There is no “Glam Squad” on set catering to my hair and make-up needs.  So basically, how you see me on camera is how I look everyday at the office.

Secret #3: We always have so much FUN while we are filming.  The group of people from Charter/Spectrum are not only highly trained professionals, they are all-around nice people. It makes filming a pleasure.

Secret #4:  We usually film on Fridays and typically have to lock the front door to the office while filming.  Over the years, I lost count of how many people accidentally walked onto our “set” (which is my office’s reception area) while filming.  So, now we simply lock the door while filming.

Secret #5: We usually film the entire 10 minute show in one take.  Occasionally, we have to stop due to a technical issue or a miss-spoken word.  But for the most part, it’s one and done.

Secret #6:  About once or twice a year, I invite some of my patients to be part of filming.  This is always my favorite day of filming for the entire year.  I LOVE helping improve people’s smiles and it is absolutely wonderful to hear what a positive impact our work has on people’s lives.  On this special day of filming, I am so touched by my patients’ stories that I usually tear up at some point during the day. So, I always have a box of tissues nearby.

Thank you to everyone for watching our show over the years!  I have enjoyed being able to share information about all things Dental…from Veneers, Crowns, Makeovers, Sedation, Dental Implants, Teeth whitening,  Bonding, Fillings, Digital X-rays,  Cosmetic Dentures, Zoom, Bridges, TMJ, Invisalign, Sleep Apnea, Botox, Night guards, Sports Guards…. the list goes on and on.  It has truly been a privilege!  Thank you again!  I can’t wait to share more episodes with you in the future!
 For some of our past shows, please check out our YouTube Channel.
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